Model:. (A) Angel Wing - Radhausbürste Extra-designed cleaning brush for hard to reach the wheel arch ✓ handle: beechwood ✓ Total length: 59cm ✓ special chemical resistant brush fiber ✓ no splash ✓ practical handling model: (S) Angel Touch - Wheel brush the rim brush is a class for themselves. The fine, made ​​of natural bristles brush head, now allows you to ultimately a gentle and safe to use on your rims.Compared to ordinary brush heads provides this natural bristles another advantage, the capacity of care products is much higher and thus guarantees a uniform distribution. The brush head has a Borstenstufung, so you reach all hard to reach corners and edges Length:. 26cm ✓ handle: beechwood ✓ special chemical resistant brush fiber ✓ Ultra soft brush fiber for any rim surfaces ✓ Intelligent brushes gradation (toothbrush effect) ✓ no splash ✓ practical handling ✓ excellent for cleaning the engine compartment