Microfiber is not only microfiber! Of all microfiber products on the market, we set new standards with our Soft Heaven Premium Series. The BLUE CLOUD POLISHANGEL® wash mitt protects your paint and all other surfaces from scratches. This all-over wash glove was developed for automotive enthusiasts and professionals for whom only the best is good enough.Our POLISHANGEL® microfiber products extend the uniqueness of your paint with the gentlest possible products - as well as this extra thick Microfiber Wash Mitt with 2 sides. The special materials by an increased suction power, easy dust removal and polishing performance. All materials attract dust and dirt and hold it firmly. In addition, they take many times your weight on, and thus produce a lint-free, streak and streak-free perfect finish Dimensions: 27cm x 18cm Machine washable - do not use fabric softener