✓ Micro fiber cloth terry
✓ Clean + drying + polishing
✓ Comfortable grip
✓ Highly absorbent
✓ Quality: Premium 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide
✓ Washable at 95 C
✓ high abrasiveness (good cleaning)
✓ High-Abuse capable


The POLISHANGEL® YELLOW SOLARIS towels are ideal for all dry washes, spray waxes and other gloss enhancing products to process clean. Of course they are also suitable waxes, polishes etc. flawlessly auszupolieren.Das Micro fiber cloth is a "high tech" product. The Micro fibers penetrate into the smallest pores of smooth and porous surfaces and remove even the smallest amounts of dirt and grease. Streak-free shine without detergent, grease and lubricants removed without residue. The high absorption capacity guarantees a very gentle and lint-free cleaning ✓ Supplied in a handy, reclosable always quick-bag delivery:. POLISHANGEL® SOLARIS YELLOW Pack of 4 40cm x 40cm